Our Calendar

Effective Monday 3/23/20 we will be Closed until May 1, 2020

We have Private Party spaces available everyday of the week -call 661-6997  for details.  Check out our NEW GLOW Private Party

HipHop Exercise with Olivia - Temp. Closed until 4/2/20    

ADULT SKATE with DJ Geaux -every second and fourth Sunday 8-11pm $7

Sat. Night Family Plan-  7:30-10pm up to 5 kids, 2 adults all skate, pizza, and drinks $40

Tiny Tots ( TinyTots skate will be temp. suspended due to the virus)and Home School PE alternate each Friday during the school year  (August. 6th - May 24st)  10am-12noon $5

Game Geeks every other Friday with TinyTots- internet gaming, pokemon, etc in the party room $2

Azalea Ballroom Dance  every 2nd and 4th  Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm

(Ballroom temp. suspended until the 4/22/2020 dance)

Office hours: Mon. 2-6pm ,  Tues. 2-6pm, Thurs. 2-6pm, and during all skate sessions